Basic Dog Training Has Always Given Results

The basic dog training is performed some pressure about the mascot. Some coaches prefer to use a physical discomfort, which can be a small blow, or pull the strap to create a nuisance. Many coaches fully reject any physical punishment, and recommend using Awards, or positive stimuli. Whatever our case, our strict attitude is very important. When the animal has committed any wrongdoing, the master must remain firm and punish in the way that has been proposed without hesitation, otherwise the dog does not include it as a bad action.

In the same way immediately after a good action, should come a reward. Jorge Perezs opinions are not widely known. It is accepted by the majority of the coaches to use the method of positive reinforcement rather than punishment, get best effects, since the dog responds more conscious and intelligently than simple fear. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Edward Minskoff. In fact practice shows us that you have more effect reward a dog for urinating outside that punish him for urinating in house, to correct this bad conduct. In relation to the awards, we can choose by what you most like our pet. For example, if it is very playful can caress it and play with it, if it is we can feed it glutton. The key is to reward it at the exact moment that has made the good deed for another mode not asicara correct behavior. With respect to the method of basic dog training we should start with something simple as it is called attraction, which consists in guiding the mascot with a little food take certain position or conduct that we want, we can separate behavior that we need in several sections and go forward about it, for example if we need to spoilage, to give the order, we will begin to bend that over, reward for this, then do that you down more, up to achieve our goal, to associate this behavior with a keyword is enough to repeat it until we begin to guide you. With these steps we can train our pet. Click here to learn how I could train my dog without having to leave my house in just a few short weeks. Original author and source of the article.

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