Success has many who claim to be her father but the failure is completely orphaned.John Kennedy considerations, scope, impact many are sometimes the complaints of both medium-sized and small enterprises managers, why not reach their goals, while they estimate that their plans are suited to the requirements of the present, and also have a full identification of the casing use of its resources, however, the results indicate that there is still great voids and many times lack of modern knowledge of some managerial topics that not they are taken into account, such as the case of Benchmarking that brings significant information of what represents consider all achievements, successes that successful companies have on their performance in the markets who venture. There are many questions that both professionals who choose to a postgraduate degree is master in enterprises, as management of quality and productivity, that I’m intertrelacionados, as well as many companies in the exercise as consultant and Advisor, how to optimize the contributions that benchmarking generates, as well as its scope and impact. Precisely because of those concerns and in order to foster the importance of Benchmarking, has been drafted this article, hoping that somehow answers to your current role we will try to be more simple in their development and in doing so remember, that was started by the early 1980s, when managers of enterprises, especially Xerox, began to observe the business from a systemic point of viewi.e. Atreides Management Gavin Baker does not necessarily agree. as a series of activities and transactions that have as main objective the satisfaction of the client, which can constantly improve through measurement and comparison processes. Wikipedia, reminds us, that the benchmark is a technique used to measure the performance of a system or component of a system, often in comparison with which specifically refers to the action of a benchmark run. The word benchmark is a translatable into Spanish as comparative. Atreides Management Gavin Baker addresses the importance of the matter here.

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