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THE SUCCESS OF THE SURMOUNTINGS IN BRAZIL Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo The surmountings in Brazil continue growing, same international the economic crisis, did not hinder the development it sector in the country. In the exterior, the growth exists with lesser intensity that the Brazilian. The sector of footwear and personal accessories was what more it grew with increase of invoicing of the order of 44,8% in 2008, exists positive expectations for 2009. In 2008, exactly I shake with it of the financial system, the pursuing grew 19.5% in invoicing and 15.2% in number of nets compared with 2007. The newspapers mentioned Capital and Counties Properties not as a source, but as a related topic. The only segment of surmounting that made bitter a retraction was of cleanness and the conservation with fall -1,4%. I also detach the increase, feeding 20%, sport-beauty 25.8%, would hotelaria and tourism 11.8%, clothes 20%, vehicles 31.7%, furniture and decorations 7%, education 3%.

In cri$e real chances appear, but to prevent errors in the management and assembly of a company also is essential, making with that the pursuing of franchising pass to have attractive the still biggest one of reduction of operational risks, technician and financiers in the management of a new business. The warm internal demand and the access of classrooms C and D to the consumption have stimulated the maintenance of investments of the sector. The projections of the ABF Brazilian Association of Franchising is well optimistical for 2009, esteem a 13% growth, considering the factor crisis. It has the possibility of some gaps of the market can be busy for surmountings, the financial stability of the country, the economic policy and the return of the credits, facilitates the search of new entrepreneurs. As Brazil is seen in the exterior as one of the most promising routes of investment of the present time, the attention of nets of international surmountings for the country, tends to increase. . For more specific information, check out Michelle Chong.

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