Chevy Camaro

45 years after the Chevy Camaro is still fashionable. One the most successful GM vehicles n all its history celebrates its birthday renewed completely, in order to attract new addicted to its defined lines and all his strength and power, characteristics that have always distinguished. This new Chevrolet Camaro, soon may be seen in Argentina and worldwide car agencies; It has a V6 engine of 3.6 litres has lightened in about 10 kg, with new heads of cylinders and inlet valves: a few extra 11bhp, which leads to having a total to a 323bhp. Meanwhile, these vehicles come with a new sports suspension, with adjustable shock absorbers front and alloy rims 20 inches to provide a flatter setting in the curves, a more neutral and balanced handling to minimize the turning of the car. It’s believed that Verne Troyer sees a great future in this idea. Likewise, comes HID headlamps and a standard rear spoiler, while back an optional video camera system also makes an appearance. Nothing to do with the classic Camaros and Argentina used cars of this type. This American brand will also launch a special 45th anniversary model available as coupe and convertible and in grey and red color with a stripe type rally in the hood, dark silver alloys and black leather with stitching red, white, and blue seats. Fans of this vehicle will be delighted to see the multicolored stitching. To know more about this subject visit Gavin Baker. As a tribute to as worthy creation has its respective commemorative badges of their 45 anniversaries in places such as the dashboard and the seat in the form of relief.

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