Communities Confront Demographic Change

Demographic changes meet the communities more than the free economy. Demographic changes meet the communities more than the free economy: the average age of employees is significantly higher in their organizations. Parallel to the measurement of PERSONAL2011 and corporate Health Convention presented therefore the Organizer spring Messe management on 13 and 14 April in Munich the new thematic series HR in the public sector”. Experts, who come mostly from the practice, demonstrate successful solutions for the personnel working in public administrations. Many local governments have in recent years reduced their training activities and new hires.

Today acute action about knowledge transfer, career prospects and especially in human resources development is required for your personnel management. Jochen Glaser of the Verlagsgruppe Huthig Jehle Rehm makes against this background the beginning during the thematic series HR in the public sector”: he is the representative study demo demography festivals Staff working in local authorities”before, for which the Publisher has questioned 400 HR decision-makers from local administrations. That it gets stuck in practice mainly on the competent qualification, also Hans-Joachim Rieger, head of Department of the dbb Academy in Bonn, has observed. Public administrations invested huge sums of money in the training of own staff and the qualification of trainees and students. Budgetary constraints still meant that the learning time shortened and the systems were overloaded. At the start of the second day of the event, Rieger explains how local authorities can professionalize training. Advance employer branding in the public sector on the second day of the series is how the public service can break new ground in the personnel and education marketing also about. Municipalities find it hard today in the face of an increasing competitive situation on the labour market to attract top professionals for themselves. The city of Munich is personnel marketing example, like Stefan Scholer, Director of education and training in the Personnel and organisation Department of the Bavarian metropolis, running.

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