Compact Housing

Compact housing makes with iron wire that crosses the structure in the form of zigzag. Throughout all the perimeter, rhomboid wharves are placed what confers a greater firmness and rigidity to the mattress. In Spain this housing is commercialized exclusively by the manufacturers Pikolin (Normablock) and Flex (Multielastic), existing differences between both housings being the one of first, Pikolin, more the outpost technologically since both are clear of the American manufacturer Leggett & Platt. Latex mattress is made up of a latex block surrounded in a quilted cover. The obtaining of this block obtains when foaming the obtained liquid of the tree Heveas Brasiliensis, abundant in Malaysia. The block takes form from the mold of different manufacturers. Generally, it has orifices that allow the circulation of the air and which they are distributed of unequal way on the surface to create different zones from comfort. The latex adapts to the body of way more uniform than the wharves reason why a evolution of this type of mattress is considered.

Another use of the latex occurs as substitution of polyurethane plates of the traditional mattresses providing therefore a mixed formula of rest. Exiten several types of latex, synthetic, mixes and natural. On this the quality of the mattress will depend. Synthetic: it is obtained from a synthetic formulation of the latex. Mixture: it goes from 20% of latex, to a 50% of the same, combined with foam, generally of low cost and quality. Natural: one considers natural when in a 85% it is latex and the rest foam or other types of materials, generally, additives used for the transport to Europe of the liquid obtained in Malaysia. It is very important to consider that the legislation in Spain allows to label both to first types of latex like Latex 100%, which habitually takes to deceit since one is products that are synthetic to a large extent.

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