Costeffective Packaging Foil

Practical helpers such as flat bags, foil bags & co who is always on the hunt to find a cost-effective and transparent sales and transport packaging for small and medium-sized loose articles or article composition, very quickly arrive at a flat bag. These practical and versatile foil bags have already conquered our everyday lives. Such a flat bag consists of generally low film density (low density – LD) polyethylene (PE) and high-density (high density – HD) film, the film thicknesses range from 25 to 125. PE-LD is somewhat more compliant, which means that flat bag made of this material are less stable and react to heavy filling with expansion before they tear. The film thickness begins for most uses only at strenght and the film feels soft.

Freezer bags are a typical example. Click Springfield to learn more. Bag made of PE-HD has ever had everyone in the hand, if he has packed fruit or vegetables in the supermarket in one of the small, crackling tear-off bags. Often such foil pouch made of PE-HD made of very thin film, because this quality is much more resistant. Unfortunately not significantly expand these flat bags to large content weight (because of the special cut referred to as bag), but fails immediately. Poly bags, flat bags or foil bags are the starting point for various enhancements. The application of label fields, the stitching / perforation of film for the exchange of air inside the bag and various suspension variants are known extensions. Often found on slope allowing the flat bag with the help of the up slope hole or euro hole or the practical combination with a so-called blister tab or bag labels of paper / cardboard.

These form both the distortion-free suspension as also the closure of the flat bag. The countless great closures are undoubtedly the most important extension of the flat bag. Caps for flat bag would among other things the pressure buckle, the sliding (ugs. Known as the zipper) and the adhesive flap. If flat bag with a built-in lock fitted, these bags are often named after their closure. Examples include the Ziplock bag, the flap bag (or even adhesive flap bag) or the floating Ziplock bag. Flat bags can be in fact all versions and with all types of closures very well printed. This is really economical only slightly larger quantities. Every entrepreneur should address the packaging supplier of his confidence and to create the conditions for their individual needs.

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