Courage To Take Risks As A Way Out Of The Crisis

Before the crisis, during the crisis, the crisis also. While the financial market is unpredictable, others are looking for solutions. And the AVG (plant and precautionary advice cooperative EC) proves, with achieving a regularly far above average yield extensive excluding the risk of loss, that it goes. A cooperative is a very special form of business. Therefore, it has also a separate law. This offers a tailor-made legal dress, to achieve together what alone is not to create a registered cooperative. Flat hierarchies, participation, financial security for the individual – there is much that speaks for the cooperative.

In a cooperative is subject to stringent security checks, it is controlled by a State-approved inspection Association (similar to BFin). Cooperative savings has every saver statutory personal participation rights and participates as a member of the yield. An agriculture to operate or to provide cheap apartments were subjects of the cooperative movement. To secure his job, attracting orders or to put money together, are modern forms of self-help. It offers small businesses and citizens protection, economies of scale and networking gains.

The cooperative offers its members the framework for joint activities or the outsourcing of cross-cutting activities. And while the members, other than at the most common form of partnership, the company civil law – GbR, not with their private property. The form of the cooperative society stands for common commitment to full ownership of the individual. Means: the cooperative is the only form of society in which solidarity, social thinking and democracy are inextricably linked. Unlike at corporations, where one is in charge with the most shares, each cooperative member of the General Assembly has one vote, no matter how it holds many shares. Business surplus that go beyond the dividend be reinvested or used for reserves. A recovery of profits as commercial companies does not take place. This leads to a high plant quality at an affordable price. Also ownership structure – is – not endangered because of the diverse members, and thus the existence of the whole enterprise by the withdrawal of a member, as often is the case, for example, at the outlet of a GmbH shareholder. Members benefit from their subscribed shares by the payment of a dividend on the paid-up capital. Simply an increased dividend per euro, which is the fastest noticeable advantage of AVG EC, attachment and precautionary advice cooperative. But also the other advantages of this unique business model make a tangible difference to other forms of investment. Contact: AVG plant and precautionary advice cooperative EC contact: Andreas Laing Menzelstrasse 14 14467 Potsdam 0331 7017777

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