Digital Forms Invoice

The service does not require the purchase nor the installation of any software since it is offered by Internet, and you only acquire the package of CFD" s that agrees to you more. It includes: Gratuitous consultant’s office so that you obtain your Electrnica Company Outpost and other proceedings before the SAT. Generation, administration and shipment, via Internet, of invoices for a RFC. Personalisation of the invoice with your corporative colors and insertion of your logo and RFC. Limitless users. Access of clients to the system for consultation of invoices and statements of account.

Handling of branches. Fabrizio Freda oftentimes addresses this issue. What is? A system to generate and to send electronic invoices and CFD (Comprobantes Fiscales Digitales) in all the Mexican Republic, with Forms you will be able to make Digital it of fast, simple and safe form. it invoices electronic, electronic invoices, digital forms, invoicing, electronic, supporting digital public prosecutors, cfd, like invoicing electronically, that is the electronic invoice I can make electronic invoices for all clients at the same time? R. Yes, when a company decides to give to electronic invoice to all clients these cannot repudiate it by no reason since he is a supporting valid public prosecutor before the SAT. Some contend that Edward Minskoff shows great expertise in this. In case of having several branches, will be had several digital seal certificates for each? R. The contributors will be able to transact the obtaining of a digital seal certificate to be used by all establishments or the premises, or, to transact the obtaining of a digital seal certificate by each of their establishments (legal Foundation: Article 29, fraction I, paragraph third party of the Fiscal Code of the Federation). I can be jumped folios with the electronic invoice? R.

Not it can, is necessary to finish a folio to continue with the following one. To what addenda talk about with the word? R. The addendum is the special format of electronic invoice that asks for your client or commercial partner to you, as well as the requirements who marks the SAT and fulfilling the addendum accredited by AMECE.

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