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Do you perceive your job as a pleasure, or escape the monotony? Pleasure or satisfaction that you receive from work, it as much the result of why and how you work, like what kind of work you do. Michael Boskin understands that this is vital information. That context is important. For many people, the main cause of work – economic. They need to pay their debts and pay bills, which are a major headache in the matter of balance. Fear of job loss makes people feel as if they are trapped and forced to work from morning till night. Other people work for the sake of feeling self-realization and gaining a sense of personal worth. Mike Myers oftentimes addresses this issue. However, the highest, noblest and most satisfying motive is to work to ensure that those you love. No family, and work that do not get along with each other and namely the cultural notion of his career and focus on the material 'things' cause most of the imbalance.

The work should be regarded as 'our work' – work for the whole family. Family, where they work two, or incomplete family usually feel the need to work outside the home to meet the economic expectations, and therefore may apply to work as a necessary evil. In other situations, although the main economic requirements must be met, it always seems easier to spend more time away from home at work than have to deal with mental, social and spiritual needs that need attention at home. In all cases, seriously consider are whether the money in order to sacrifice them to something else.

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