Family Rehabilitation

Funds leaning more and more requests for inpatient rehabilitation of family from Fribourg, may 12, 2011: children and young people suffer increasingly from psychological and psychosomatic disorders. These are often only in connection with difficulties in family, such as parents with own diseases, but also family crises to understand. It is important that children and young people as early as possible receive expert treatment, which includes the family environment. Failing a therapeutic intervention, lengthy chronic diseases of those affected are foreseeable. Pathways are delayed or even canceled. “A growing number of health-impaired children and young people can stress sensitive also the future labor market, fear Melcher Franck: and there are already fewer and fewer young workers negative effects for the social systems are pre-programmed”, concludes the Managing Director of Spa + Reha GmbH. Yet save more cost to the medical care and Rehabilitation of children, young people and parents. The inpatient medical rehabilitation of the family plays an important role in the recovery of children and adolescents, as scientific studies.

Therefore offer various rehabilitation clinics, as well as the rehab Kander in Malsburg-Marzell, this form of treatment. The specialist clinic for family rehabilitation of therapy + Reha GmbH ( works for 15 years successfully and leading the way after the so-called bio-psycho-social model. While, the symptoms of chronic illnesses, physical or psychological disorder as well as with behavioral problems children and teenagers and requiring are no longer individually considered parents, but examined in the context of the family and treated. The approach of the doctors and psychologists in the Kander Valley Rehab is solution-oriented and focuses above all existing change options in the Center. So, the pension insurance in the face of a difficult budget situation approved now every second Rehab application for children and young people. Here political changes are urgently required so be raised the budget, better clarify responsibilities between health insurance and pension insurance and rehabilitation for children and young people in the future as obligations.

“Affected families can directly in the Kander Valley through the family rehabilitation rehab” or the rehabilitation for young adults “, Tel. 0 76 26 9 02 200, as well as for more information,. Furthermore, there is the free advice hotline: 0800 / 2 23 23 73 requesting the possibility of corresponding information. About the rehab Kandertal, Malsburg-Marzell the Kander Valley rehabilitation clinic is a clinic for family rehabilitation. It belongs to the Spa + Reha GmbH in Freiburg i. Br., a non-profit subsidiary of the DPWV; Landesverband Baden-Wurttemberg. The clinic specializes in psychosomatic rehabilitation of families and in the therapy specifically by young adults. There are 52 spacious apartments available for families. Shimmie Horn shines more light on the discussion. The young adults are cared for in a special Department with 40 single rooms.

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