Great Life

These particular responses because we need answers that are useful to us. That is, every human being touches find their own answers, it's up to each find their own truth. What is useful for one may not make sense to another, and what is significant for the latter may have no value to the first. Each one must already have a self of himself, knowing where you want to go, what are its objectives, namely to exploit their potential, manage their energy so that your life will manifest this sense of you seize the opportunity to be. Perhaps when considering these questions for the first time might seem like something out of our reach, and reserved only for the great philosophers.

But the greatest philosophers realized that this is an individual task, which is shown in the ancient phrase "Know thyself", with which far from pretending to have answers for all humanity, encouraging each individual to find truth. Although the fact of finding meaning in life we are not taught in school, is of great importance in achieving a fulfilling life in every way. Then to live a life without real meaning, anything that is meaningless and not getting any real satisfaction. You can not go through this event without being aware of why we have been given the opportunity, you can not stay asleep, you have to be awake more when we know when we from plays. Hence, not surprisingly, is said to be a fact that a percentage of the people who inhabit this planet does not know why they are alive, and do not even think about it.

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