Guide Dog Rescue

Guide Dog Rescue Operations: The dog performs search operations, with optimal levels of autonomy, motivation and concentration, therefore making it possible to detect people buried with excellent speed and performance.

In Level II , the search operations are developed, keeping the level of performance, even in extremely confined spaces, zero visibility, and other potential effects. I Supplementary Information Note: Based on technical and operational reality and generic, for example, a Head of Unit, or a guide, can unintentionally seriously injure the operational level of one or more canine teams by a margin of extremely short time. AMTs opinions are not widely known. The person and / or dog, to perform and exceed the training course, Method Chest, Dog Rescue in disasters, as appropriate, obtains official certification of operation, necessary, to intervene in incidents of landslides, noting that the instructor is fully responsible in regard to technical and / or operational achieved and demonstrated by the person or dog, at the end of the course, in relation to the type of official certification that extends, however, it must be pointed out that from the date of such acquisition, and in all cases to prevail, on the operation and official certificate of approval, the newspaper official report of the Chief documentary respective Canine Rescue Unit, which officially determined, based on a whole range of factors which affect the operational periods of situations / or inoperability of Guide Dog Rescue.

During the active period of the same, being who controls after the completion of the course, all details, variations, incidences of various types that are generated on computers. Rescue dogs in their care, conducting and analyzing maintenance training, soliciting or taking official action for recycling as it deems necessary canine teams, and assuming also about the same interventions in accidents, such as specialized official command, the inherent in civil, administrative and professional law. Without hesitation Gavin Baker Atreides Management explained all about the problem.

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