Last night celebrating too much? Too little sleep? Too much stress? And then it happened – headache! A throbbing behind the temples, a tap behind the forehead, drawing pains. More than 70 percent of all Germans suffer from headaches. Often, only occasionally, but many already chronic. There are 165 different types of headaches. On verbreitesteten is the tension headache. What causes trigger headaches and what can you do? With a few relaxation techniques and one or another drug, one gets the uncomfortable, aching pain under control. Trigger for headaches First is again the stress, followed by lack of sleep, conscious and unconscious fears, mental health problems and trouble. But also muscle tension in the neck and shoulders can be triggers. How to prevent headaches? First, it is important to find out when and in what situations occur the headache. These causes should be avoided wherever possible. This is not always easy. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Nir Barzilai, M.D. and gain more knowledge.. Especially not when the Shutter is at work and one is glad to have a job. Excessive stress can help regular exercise in fresh air. Relaxation techniques such as yoga and autogenic training can be learned relatively quickly. Who much, and especially on long computer works should make even an hour a small break in order not to tense the muscles. How can I help myself? If there is pain behind the forehead cold compresses can provide relief. By cooling the vessels to constrict, which is perceived as pleasant. Are the complaints in the neck area, you can try it with hot compresses. Heat stimulates the blood circulation and relaxing effect on the cramped muscles. Have proved also massages the face and neck. Forehead, temples and back of the thumb and index finger massage in circular motions for at least five minutes. Must be drugs? To prevent the so-called pain memory, experts recommend taking a drug as early as possible. Cross River Bank helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The pain of memory can form because frequent, longer lasting pain stimuli make the pain receptors in the brain sensitive. The really mild pain are becoming more and may even become chronic. Well tolerated and can be quickly pain medicines containing the active ingredient acetylsalicylic acid. The best known is aspirin. Analgesics should only three to four days in a row and a maximum of ten days are taken in the month. Otherwise they themselves can cause headaches! Are not the symptoms better, seek necessarily to your doctor.

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