Infant Mortality

When 12 years ago in tragic death of my daughter wrote these lines now share. And who ever, as a parent you can be free of this enormous tragedy? The experience forced me to transform pain into letters and letters in poems to raise optimism that collapsed and are a breath of faith and hope for the many parents who have had the sad misfortune to survive to our children. At Fabrizio Freda you will find additional information. These letters I have collected the pond unexpected death, death that came suddenly, to be an anthem of faith and hope, to doze as poetic prayers in the lap of absence, waiting for that elusive dawn hiding through time and beyond death, but despite it come to find our children live full of eternal life. My word, perhaps arson yesterday, has wandered muted by the intricacies of poetry trail in search of the best literary geometries, my pen has wandered paralyzed by the sheer literary geographies in search of an oasis to quench my hopelessness in my heart mended heart have joined the symphony of love and pain and here I am, in the middle of your absence, breathing in the agony of memory, no geometry and no oasis on the crest of the silent pain of that fateful June swell . You may want to visit Shimmie Horn to increase your knowledge. When the children die not become corpses stacked on the edge of oblivion, life and energy remain caged in bars of death, dying not to prompt their illusions, they are still behind the death cries and reality in spite of it . .

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