Internal Freedom

As soon as we transcend the simple state of survival, the question about the meaning and purpose acquires preponderant place in our lives. Many people feel are prisoners of the daily routine, which seems to downplay all the life. There are those who think that life passes, that he is leaving them or has already left them behind. Other people feel greatly concerned by the demands of their work, by the need to view your family or by their economic situation and life. Official site: Gavin Baker. Some are victims of acute stress whereas others are prey to boredom. There are those who are lost amid the frenetic activity while others succumb to stagnation.

Many people yearn for freedom and expansion implicit in the promise of prosperity. Others already enjoy relative freedom afforded them prosperity but discover that even that gives it meaning to life. There is nothing that replaces the real purpose. But the primary or true purpose of life is not in the external plane. Has nothing to do with what we do, but with the that we are, that is, with our State of consciousness. Therefore the most important thing that we must recognize is the following: we have an inner purpose and other external life. The internal purpose relates to the be and is primary.

The external purpose relates to you and is secondary. Although this book refers mainly to our internal purpose, in this chapter and in the following we refer also to the question of how to achieve harmony between the external and the internal purpose. However, the two purposes are so closely linked that it is almost impossible to talk about one without reference to the other. Our inner purpose is awakening. It is that simple, it is a goal we share with all other human beings on this planet, because it is the purpose of humanity. Our inner purpose is essential part of the purpose of everything, of the universe and its intelligence. Our external purpose can vary over time and is very different according to the person. The base in order to comply with our external purpose is find the inner purpose and live in harmony with him. It is the basis of true success. Without this line we can accomplish certain things based on effort, struggle, dedication or simply hard work and shrewdness. But that effort does not contains any such and invariably ends up translating into some form of suffering. Original author and source of the article.

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