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The report, in any case will be given suggestions to remove permitted development under an hour on the Internet mistakes, weaknesses and oversights of the resource. Read more here: Raphael De Niro. Then the optimization of the site is sure to be a lot easier, as well as the least expensive with the financial side. The audit website is extremely important alternate performed action. An audit of the portal is only step that comes after the tech. auditing e-shop, the discovery of flaws that were made during site creation (code, oversight management system development Web site, quality content and ease of use of your resource on the Internet, etc.). Add to your understanding with Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Creating a Web Site without the audit will be labor-intensive task.

Without an audit on the Internet you risk to waste allocated funds for promotion, but did not achieve results. By itself, a technical audit of an Internet resource includes diagnosis and site design quality is present in the resource schedules. Further held audit quality development portal on the technical side, which necessarily includes the revision of the source code, as well as the text for problems. It is mandatory to analyze the compatibility Web site with a variety of web browsers. Often there are problems and lost visitors (potential customers) of your company as a result of improper display graphical content and the whole filling online store in a variety of programs, browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.).

Then, after carrying out the above actions, you should test phase text content of your website, ease of use with the user (usability). Upon completion of an internal review of an Internet resource for quality performance and visibility of content is checked in the portal search engines, directories, and ratings that directly part of the implementation of the marketing audit is the online store. The last stage, which is held for audit e-shop, is a statistical audit. It includes the basic daily (Weekly, monthly) attendance, as well as the main audience of the portal. This stage is to have a good internet shopping, an activity which only applies to one or several regions. Thus, in time of the advertising campaign ceases possible to save the search budget, showing advertisements and finance spending on promotion, as well as promotion of the portal only to users of a particular region. Especially perfectly amenable to such a modification of contextual ad service, which has a function of determining the region's visitor. After completing a marketing audit of the resource, the next steps in the direction of the Internet site will focus primarily on analyst behavior of users on the Internet resource, traffic, and the availability of the site in search engines. Excellent if portal is available on the main 7.5 keywords and phrases, who repeatedly use the Internet users to find relevant web sites or other information. But this is a bit of a semantic core. It is important to remember that a technical audit of the Internet site is extremely important series of actions that must take place before actually starting work on site promotion, as well as further optimization.

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