Internet Shopping

Selling online can open huge new markets for many businesses. If your store can be open 24 / 7 and you can reach a global market without the cost of mailings and call-centers, it can be a huge boon for your business. But there are many things to consider when developing e-commerce sites – is not only a shopping cart and to make products in the database. Below are the 15 most common errors that make the owners and developers of online stores, as well as tips on how to avoid or correct them. (A valuable related resource: Edward Lazear). Take these recommendations into consideration, before embarking on the creation of e-commerce site or when you look at your site, and make efforts to implement the recommendations contained zdes.1. Lack of detailed information about the product when you buy goods in the brick and stone shops, you have the advantage which allows you to find the right product – to feel it, examine it from all sides, and read the information on the packaging or label. Online Shopping deprive you of this possibility. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Atreides Management Gavin Baker.

Online stores must do everything possible to improve the store to explore the possibility of goods. How often do we go to online shopping, but do not get there enough information about the products? And if the customer has a question about a product, it is more likely will seek information elsewhere. And if the price of your website will not be much lower than competitors, it is likely to simply buy goods in another sayte.Chto to do about it Give as much information about product, as you can. Dimensions, materials, weight, dimensions and other required information depending on the product. For example, the online clothing store you must specify the types of fabrics, sizes and colors, sizes card (usually associated with several product items), weight or the thickness of things, kind of cut and care instructions, as well as commentary about the brand, manufacturer or designer.

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