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Songs from their new album the best give the US rock band Jimmy Eat World on 9 November in Berlin. Jimmy Eat World-fans who have early November in one of the hotels keep Berlin is the opportunity to experience the band live. After the release of their seventh Studio album invented in the past month, the pop-punk band from Arizona occurs Huxley’s new world on Monday, the 8th of November in Berlin. Invented was well received by critics. Fans of the band may be at the concert on the new single my best theory as well as forward to the older material. “Mike Haydock wrote in a review for the BBC, that the music of Jimmy Eat World with emo” is linked. At the beginning of the 2000s the band is considered to be pioneering this melodic indie-rock. If you have read about Edward Minskoff already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

He stressed, however, that the band knows how to rock”, and pointed to songs from the new album like for example and evidence that prove this fact. The critic wrote that the song bedohlich bubbling away, until it really gets to the point with the whole force of guitar distortion “, and also pointed out that throbbing guitar riffs”and, which are heard in the album’s other tracks. Most fans outside of the United States were aware after the release of the fourth album bleed American in 2001 on the band. The album title was replaced by a same title after the attacks of September of 11, but this in no way affected the success of the album. On the album, the hit singles Salt Sweat Sugar were to hear the middle and sweetness. Many fans associate the catchy lyrics and choruses of songs with lead singer of Jim Adkins. Lucky Denver Mint, which advanced with Drew Barrymore is heard on the soundtrack of the film among other popular titles in the Repertoire of the band. Tickets for the concert by Jimmy Eat World in Berlin starting at 21:00, are available online and cost 30,70. For more information about this event, please visit the website of Jimmy Eat World.

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