Nail Extensions Acrylic, Gel And Biogel

For many years, built up nails on a single technology – acrylic. At one time it was just the greatest breakthrough in cosmetology, even as the Revolution. Women with weak layers and fingernails might have marigolds is much better than the most gifted representatives of the beauties of nature And then suddenly one of the finest days, there was a technology helium nail. Still being debated about what is best acrylic or helium buildup. We took the courage and wrote an article on this topic, tried to summarize all aspects of both sides and draw conclusions. Gel or acrylic.

What are the pros and cons of technology nails. At one time, gel nail extensions called self-leveling nails or self-leveling resin, and even those who were referred to them as resin nails. Gel nails – that's more correct formulation of the technology Some artists share nail gel on the principle of single-phase, two-phase and three-phase. Master of nail gel will never follow, with which he has imposed such a phase character of the gel on the nails and the more so because this would not change the price of services. After all, one-phase – this is a single layer, two-phase – 2, well-phase-3. Depending on the particular client's nails, vary the number of layers to achieve a good result. I want to tell on capacity gel on the tips and forms.

In the process, we came to the conclusion – the best for most women is to simulate the nail on the forms and on tips, we would recommend that women whose nails whittle down to zero or virtually none. We should add an important point for nail by nail technology in the forms, design of nails or nail polish – a prerequisite. And finally, we have seen and personally experienced new technology that cares not only about the beauty of your nails, but also their health! This nail polish or strengthening bio-gel. Our customers, we only recommend this type of nail Ufa, and women who like their own natural nails, but are dissatisfied with brittle nails after a certain length or delamination – firming biogel ufa Bio-Gel restores the structure of the nail and nail plate. When application of bio-gel is healthy nail plate, and even adjacent to the skin. Marigolds begin to grow faster, they do not crack or break, remain flexible, and even completely flat. did you know THAT: – Nails are dead, so they do not hurt rasp. – Nails grow faster in summer than in winter. – Fingernails grow faster than males, not females. – Y-handed nails grow faster on the right hand, while left-handers on the left. – Normal growth of healthy nail composes about 4 mm per month. – Nail plate is fully updated through the 90-115 days. – People who are on diets, nails grow more slowly – they do not have enough protein and other nutrients. As far back as ancient China, physicians have noticed the connection between state of the nail plate and human health, and at first glance were diagnosed correctly. As, appearance, length and even the form of nail can define preferences in food and human susceptibility to stress. Thus, For example, in women who are wondering to lose weight, stop eating fiber, minerals and vitamins, the nails become thin and begin to break down. The people whose lives are filled with emotions, constant stress and strife, the nails are 'bumpy' and rough, as if the volatility reflects the mood swings and a host

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