Piaget Experiences

It is in the seio of this process that the child will go constructing with the possibility to transform the object, in accordance with the experience of each one. Without the trick (playful) he is tedious the learning process. It is necessary that the construction if makes from the game, of the imagination, the knowledge of the body. To play it is vital, primordial and essential, therefore, this is the way that the human citizen, in the health, uses to structuralize itself as subject of the emotion, the reason and the relation To the construction of symbols sapiens is marcante fact for homo. The child, when making such conquest, enters for a social space and cultural extremely valued in the cultures scholars and such fact she does not pass unobserved for that they take care of of it, to the times, for having a different rhythm, the adults they finish leaving to value the conquest process and want the result, the product soon.

For this, the contributions of Piaget, Vygotsky and Wallon (apud UVA/2005) among others thinking of the Education present concrete experiences in the reality Brazilian that allow a perspective where if it prioritizes in the Infantile Education the first bases of the formation for citizenship, perceiving themselves it child as human being full. To act in the infantile psychological process it is necessary to know the children, its characteristics and its rights, to know proper methodology to act with mediator, as well as the legislation that makes possible the formation of a citizen in the present time and that it endorses a true pedagogical work with emphasis in infantile psychology. These children adaptam themselves and participate of its cultures of extremely complex forms that reflect the diversity and the wealth of the humanity and possess the ability of if recouping of difficult circumstances or estressantes experiences, adaptando it the environment and, therefore, to the challenges of the life.

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