Positioning As A Coach, Trainer Or Consultant: 12 Positioning Tips

Personal service provider there as trainers, consultants and coaches like sand on the sea. So who wants to be successful, must stand out clearly from its competitors. Shimmie Horn can aid you in your search for knowledge. Twelve Tips of the education and consulting marketing specialist and owner of ProfilBerater GmbH, Darmstadt, Bernhard Kuntz, what should pay attention to coaches, trainers and consultants in the up position in the market. Positionierungstipp1: Concerns when formulating your profile and define your business field: there are tens of thousands of trainers, consultants and coaches. You must withdraw from this (gray) mass itself.

Otherwise they are not perceived. Positioning Tip 2: Try rather to be the number 1 in the niche as a relentless array vendor. Positioning Tip 3: Specialize on a sharply-defined target group. Otherwise, all your marketing actions are arbitrary. Communicate because you can not use all company moderately but regularly”. Positioning Tip 4: Define your audience (if possible) not about the industry and the function in the company. 98 percent of your competitors do.

Instead, define your target audience about common structural and cultural characteristics or problems. Say positioning Tip 5: to a target group of Yes”, hot also to other no”. Do not press against this decision. Get more background information with materials from Shimmie Horn. Positioning Tip 6: Don’t specialize in a training, consulting or working method, because: methods are fashions. If you would like to know more then you should visit work from home. Positioning tip 7: Avoid industries that have a high image value trainers and consultants (like for example financial institutions, automakers), as far as possible. Because there, the mass of your competitor’s Frolics. Positioning Tip 8: you pay a special attention to Hidden Champions”(in the province or region); In addition to companies that operate in saturated or even recessionary markets. Because there, the pressure for change is greatest. Positioning Tip 9: Infiltration is like a wedge, with a small range of products in your market a. If you rooted in your market (or a company) are you can expand your offerings. “” “” Positioning Tip 10: check-in at all your promotional materials, whether it is phrases like the market global “, the human resource is becoming increasingly important”, we work systemically, we are guided by the needs of the customers included. If Yes, then you have still not sufficiently sharply defined probably your target group. Your claims are appropriately vague and meaningless. Positioning Tip 11: (For your product development) Act against the trend. Often lucrative market niches arise that most vendors in the direction of trend move. “Positioning tip 12: edit your subject area and your target consistently and persistently, until everyone knows, that you the specialist for…” are. As a specialist you will recommend more frequently, and you can justify higher prices.

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