Prevent Childhood Diseases

Hello everyone, last week tried to the theme of leukemia, today, on the contrary I want to tell you about a much more generic theme, childhood diseases that can affect our children and how we could avoid them. As a general rule, during the first months of life of a baby (up to be around the year) just usually go through illnesses, the reason for this is that, while they have been connected to the mother through the placenta will have traded antibodies that protect the child. This safety measure should be reinforced by parents nursing a child with the mother’s chest. Why is it recommended to nurse the baby? There is perhaps one of the wiser security mechanisms of nature, and this is due to several reasons. Learn more at: Christopher Peterson. Milk contains from by Yes more than twenty substances that help the body to defend itself against external attacks, among these substances can find factor, lysozyme, lactoferrin, immunoglobulin bifidofilo, etc.

Milk protects the intestine avoiding that any substance strange and/or harmful is absorbed through the same. In the event the mother suffers some type of disease, it will begin to generate antibodies and they will be transferred to the baby’s immediate. For more information see this site: Atreides Management Gavin Baker. For all these reasons, it is highly recommended that we take into account that, with the breastfeeding our son will be strengthening your immune system and probably will avoid many of the childhood diseases that can be exposed. It is always better to prevent than have to take out health insurance isn’t it?.

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