Profiles By Design

Care Aluminum, unlike other materials, does not require tedious and costly maintenance. Nevertheless, firms producing 'warm' profiles, establish special funds to care for them. This may be For example, protective film designed to prevent mechanical damage to paint coatings during assembly, construction and finishing works, as well as correctors, allowing mask mechanical damage paint layer, and the so-called aluminum resin used to seal major damage aluminum surface. Door Profiles By design they are similar to those used for windows, but are more 'Power'. Naturally, the seals for the doors are different from windows. And here too the fittings.

From 'warm' profiles are made single-and double doors as hinged (with external and internal opening in including the arch) and sliding (including automatic) or folding. Manufacturers usually provide a combination door series of profiles with window and front lots. Facade profiles differ from window is much greater carrying capacity. With their help, we can construct a variety of facades. The proposed system of 'warm' profiles can be divided into mullion-transom, multifunction and overhead. Mullion-transom system. Imagine a box the size of the entire wall at home, but not Stselikovoe 'and with the impost.

Now mentally fill in the gaps of the blind folds, and some – opening. Here this will be the mullion-girder exterior design. It differs from window design – to use instead of horizontal impost more powerful bearing elements – crossbars. Application of this design allows the 'tipping' plane of the facade to the horizontal axis at an angle of 15 without the use of frames, as well as integrate it operable elements – windows and doors. Profiles are connected so that the leaked water on Channels girders fell into the channels of racks and from there was assigned to the outside. The width of the front of the profiles is 50-60 mm, and the resulting design is obtained as svetopozrachnoy. On thermal insulation properties proposed for such systems, the profiles are 1 or 2 class. As the filling openings are not only used windows, but also 'sendvich' panel.

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