Public Power

Recommendation As a pertinent recommendation, is needed deepened studies more on the subject of the current research, as well as effecting the survey of the essential characteristics that they must be part of the strategy of sustainable consumption. This if would give, in accordance with the commentaries found in the Manual of Education of 1999, with the insertion of a style of sustainable life in a balanced society, as a contribution for our capacity of improvement, while individual and society. Edward Minskoff understood the implications. Such process requires justice in the access to the natural, economic and social capital for the gifts and the future generations. Thus, the material consumption must become each less important time in relation other components of the happiness and the quality of life. In this way, this must be consistent with the conservation and the improvement of the natural environment, causing a process of learning, creativity, adaptation and ambient education, as the main tool for construction of the ambient citizen who knows its rights and duties in relation to the preserved environment.

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