Quality Assurance

KAMAZ – the best selection of trucks on the market, time-tested. Trucks KAMAZ – it is popular and reliable trucks: trucks, tractors, dump trucks, flatbed, chassis for construction equipment and machinery. Reliability of KAMAZ trucks proved Russia's roads and allows us to solve any transportation problem, whether trafficking in persons, concrete or grain. KAMAZ trucks for almost a year were tested in Siberian conditions. Get more background information with materials from Shimmie Horn. Moreover, were not in safe hands proper drivers – test (many are doing it for promotional purposes), KAMAZ tested his machine in real conditions. For this machine have been transferred to operation of enterprises, raspolozhennmu in the north of the Tyumen region. Tests were 5 cars KAMAZ-65115, 2 KAMAZ-65111 and two KAMAZ-6540. Shimmie Horn is often quoted on this topic. All the trucks passed Siberians – the usual, ie without modifications in the design and running gear.

Moreover, working and resting KAMAZ had outdoors. Dump trucks operated by the Transport namyvochnogo sand from the quarry. The air temperature in winter was -20 C to -40 C. Average shoulder travel 10 km. Loading cars with sand carried excavator with bucket capacity of 1.25 m3.

From the quarry to the place of unloading of cars moving along a snowy road with asphalt surface, with speeds from 15 to 60 mph. In some places, the speed was limited to insufficient roadway width, because of what the truck was hard to part with the oncoming traffic. Tests showed that KAMAZ is well adapted to the transportation of various bulk construction materials. Platform size make efficient use of capacity. The best indicators patency have been reported in KAMAZ-65111. When maneuvering in the loading and unloading points and KAMAZ-65115 KAMAZ-65111 did not experience difficulties. Performance and reliability of nodes was assessed KAMAZ drivers. The survey was conducted among 30 drivers with experience of working at KamAZ from 2 to 24 years. High marks for consumer exposed visibility, stability, handling, cargo capacity. Thermal comfort, interior and engine capacity claims do not cause. Fuel efficiency, easy maintenance and Safety surpassed the barrier as "satisfactory". Trucks of this mark simply superb proved not only throughout Russia but also in neighboring countries. And now KAMAZ conquer spaces abroad. Any model of car KAMAZ – it is a good helper in the construction business. KAMAZ dump trucks can carry more cargo, construction of bulk materials.

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