Rubicon School

The Rubicon-Institut in Schollkrippen invited an Institute, which specializes in learning coaching, invites you to a very special trip to a day when calculated, then something behind it must be inserted. And it was just also on October 31, 2010. “Because on this day started the first Rubi family day”. Learning in nature also for the head of the Rubicon Institute, Siegfried Eberle, this day was a challenge: our students we wanted to offer something completely different times. Children, who sometimes have trouble in school to keep up, develop quite enormous skills in other areas. Just often that is not detected. And that’s why we have introduced this day.

And the Rubi team is made up with 30 guests to explore nature on this day and learn new things. far away from books and classrooms. “Your back strengthen for years Siegfried Eberle and his team deal with the topic of school difficulties”. The reasons are as varied as the children themselves: we have the whole bandwidth. We will teach children with reading spelling as well as children with dyscalculia difficulties in computing so.” For particularly important Eberle: The individual approach.

Often the curriculum does not other cramming through as the teachers. I know many educators, who of course see that the one or the other students must be encouraged individually, but their hands are tied. And right there we apply”relaxed with the family but the family day was yet another background: If a child is having difficulty in school, then the problems affect at some point on the whole family. It is all the more important for the parents to see that the children have success. And this not only with our support in the school, but all alone on a day like this.

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