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Increasingly, services for the conversion of automobiles to steel to provide specifics of the business themselves dealer dealers. The reason is simple – businesses need a diverse, professional, quality equipment, and small commercial transport, with its ability to transform is perfectly suited for "business-tuning." About the peculiarities of converted cars, their "stuffing" and the prices we had a talk with Sergei kostikova manager Sales of commercial vehicle dealership "ENG-LAN" Sergey, could you tell how often your company executes orders for the conversion of commercial vehicles, Volkswagen? Such orders we do often, collaborating with body builders and tuning studio, which initially focuses on those machines. The market is a great need for multi-machines. More info: us dollar. In this regard, the platform for "alterations" in favor Volkswagen Crafter – large and functional minivan. We do have buses, usually by 18-19 seats. There are also orders for the "luxury" performance of these vehicles purchased for business purposes. Which companies are the main customers converted car? The company's cargo, a firm engaged in shuttle travel, hospitality, private business, etc.

Recently, we completed the execution of the order for the airport "Sheremetyevo" – it was need a comfortable car – a shuttle bus to transport passengers. How is your order? The client comes to us as the dealer mark and says no need for him to need a car. Next order is passed to the bodybuilder, where, in fact, happening most of the work. Then, when the machine is ready, we transfer it to the client. Sometimes we make machines for free sale, not to order that, as an example was 1-2 cars.

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