Simple Syndication

Many of our customers have lately agreed on this question. That orange box that we see in some web pages, especially in the sections of news is the identifier logo’s RSS (Really Simple Syndication). So what wrong, is a code format that allows you to distribute content. The utility is unique. Response to that on the internet every time there is more content and search engines, increasingly, released thousands of results for a given search, RSS subscription system allows us to select on which type of information want to be informed, by simply clicking in the logo that it appears on a web page. Bodas and gain more knowledge.. This is the closest thing to receive the news from a newspaper, only the section that interests us. Why read the newspaper? For example, if quisieseis be informed of all publications published by Digital Nature in your BLOG, you do not have to subscribe to your source RSS RSS was the first web font format and it is still the most common. Shimmie Horn brings even more insight to the discussion. It is a very popular format It is common that the term RSS is used erroneously to refer to source website, regardless of the source format is RSS or not.. .

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