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The cinema as well as leisure and entertainment is, for a few, a passion and even a way of life. Edward J. Minskoff Equities is likely to increase your knowledge. Those who are lucky get full-time to some aspects of the film, directors, writers, cinematographers, or actors. Normally, to dedicate yourself to the cinema as a profession should pass a series of phases, paying tolls and enter through hoops, as we have done almost all. From fellows, almost slaves, that leave the skin into producing and filming without charging one euro, the hundreds of short films in which Lees to friends and relatives so that they end up full of dust on a bookshelf, are also those who make long queues at auditions where you look like a piece of meat and those who see his work for months at a computertaking care and caring for his screenplay, despised in seconds. Well, so far the article pessimistic part.

The digital revolution has been a few years selling as an open door to new possibilities, other ways to reach the goal using new technologies, one of these alternatives is called crowd funding, and consists in getting many people to contribute a little money, in place of which few contribute much money (as so far), to get a movie budget. Complete the huge capital needed to shoot a movie by this means is very complicated, we need to reach many people, hundreds of thousands tell you your project, get involved and achieve total transparency in donations. This now can only be achieved from social networks, from the Social Media on the Internet. Two are projects that have further come by these methods. They are science fiction with potential films to reach theaters. Experimental in their production methods, but with twigs of classic cinema in its execution: Iron Sky and the Cosmonaut.

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