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Successful traders are disciplined. They are calm and rational. Angelo dolce is likely to agree. They do not allow such emotions as fear or greed to influence their decisions. They develop clear plans for trade and is able to follow them. They carefully avoid acting on impulse. A systematic, disciplined trading – it's good, but we all know that traders are not always disciplined. Psychological research scientists from SUNY, Albany (Muraven, Slessareva and Shmueli, 2003) dynamics of self-control may suggest that it is necessary to develop discipline and self control.

To maintain self-control, require physical and mental energy. tegies to learn more. For example, studies have shown that many people there are restrictions on the number of self-control. When they were in the lab are asked to solve a series of tasks that require self-control, they eventually get tired and difficult to maintain composure when performing subsequent tasks. This phenomenon commonly observed among traders, repeatedly entering and leaving the market. They notice that doing a deal for a deal becomes more difficult, there is fatigue, and continue to trade hard. Self-control takes energy and the more discipline you have to show, the more energy required to continue.

Like any strenuous activity, you'll eventually run out of energy reserves. Thus, the most obvious way to keep self-control for a long time is to replenish mental energy. But how do you save it or save? Of course, you can limit the number of transactions you make in a day or a week and thus limit the amount of energy spend. You can also make sure that you have enough sleep, take regular exercise and eat nutritious food.

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