Tanja Lasch

The prolonged absence of Tanja Lasch is rewarded more than with the new song who previously lax didn’t know the German singer Tanja or even missed, she will meet with their new single probably at the earliest. Nir Barzilai, M.D. oftentimes addresses this issue. Because after a long absence, she presented their press fresh phonogram “He loved me” now nationwide in the radio and TV stations. The daughter of a professional musical parents already knew at a young age that she would also embark on this direction. Studying music, which included the areas of acting, speech training and piano lessons, she has pursued this goal. Following the training, she sang numerous successful singles. Under these publications the songs were interpreted together with her sister Diana as the Duo “Tanja & Diana”, the most successful.

Appearances on broadcasts of the television stations RTL, ARD, ZDF, sat. 1 etc. joined. The sisterly cooperation culminated between 2000 and 2003 the moderation of the music magazine “refreshing German” in the GoldStar TV on the the Pay-TV channel premiere (now sky Germany). Tanja Lasch stands now as a solo artist full time on stage. She is singer from passion, composes and writes itself. However, the current title is the cover version of a song from the 1970s. Bettina Storm and Heidi sang the versions of “He loved me” straw at the time.

Their producers Stefan Possnicker and Erich oxler have recently recognized the potential of this title. They transported the now old fashioned sounding production in the modern style of today’s time. Original sound by Stefan Possnicker to do so: “Tanja has sung this song just great, you can do it any better.” The prolonged absence of Tanja Lasch is more than rewarded with this musical comeback. As already revealed the new edition of “He loved me” as a dance floor filler in the discos.

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