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Suppose that company needs to distribute to their employees a specific software which has paid a license, the company that provides us with the product, we give a single master copy and then let that product may be copied according to the number of licenses paid. To speed up the work, we have this hardware device known as a duplicator that for example we will record 10 DVD at once doing the work much faster and convenient. Types and Features There are basically two types of duplicators: the autonomous and which are not. Jorge Perez is full of insight into the issues. Regions: For example, they are, they do not require an operating system to function. Not autonomous: They need to operate under an operating system, most of them in Linux operating systems due to its stability, but there are other Windows OS. These duplicators are accompanied by a friendly and intuitive graphical environment that lets you know at all times the status of the duplication. Here, Gavin Baker Atreides Management expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Obviously supports any type of files. For some types of files as FAT, FAT32 is used Optimized duplication. If you would like to know more then you should visit Avison Young. Another important feature is that the USB Duplicators, you can perform the reverse process, ie need not be a USB Master USB copy others but to provide the feature known as data collection, which allows you remove data from the USB and put the contents to the host computer. The feature of the USB data collection was designed for schools and teachers of universities that collect evidence in USB, so they have a quick and easy way to extract data from their students. The software will automatically create a directory for the flash drive of each student and download your data into that specific folder. Another feature that own the majority of duplicators is the data flowing. This allows the user to direct the content unique to each individual drive USB flash. Disadvantage can not say that this product, such as a present a disadvantage, simply narrow that they were not created for ordinary users who copy CDs or DVDs for personal use, these devices are expensive and were made to be used by organizations or companies that need to copy large volumes of information. Below I give you the link to a page, which you can find different models, USB, or DVD, along with its price.

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