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Cologne production agency expands product range of tent systems with large 8 x 8 event system by X-GLOO with the new 8 x 8 X-GLOO tents can be used complete event systems, providing not only for perfect protection against all weather conditions, but also a huge advertising space on a large surface. The modular tent system X-GLOO proves also with the biggest tent of the series a simple Assembly and transport. With an area of about 30 sq m, which stands for the individual branding available, the tent sets new standards. The existing sizes of 4 x 4, 5 x 5 and 6x6m allow giant like the 8x8m an individual branding. The aerodynamic design and function of the tents, all variations are extremely robust and stable. In addition they adapt perfectly to any surface thanks to the flexible tent membrane. In contrast to the classical slidable lattice grate systems, the X-GLOO tents have an inflatable body, which is filled with air and takes firm hold through the tent membrane in the mountains, sand or concrete. To the maximum To ensure stability in the 8x8m variant tents were reinforced the striking design of the X-GLOO.

The legs were extended with a diameter of 43 cm and secure the large tent area also in wind. The 8 x 8 model extends the versatility of mobile tent systems the usage set to large events and actions. The tent of mobile transportation and flexible adaptation to any surface is suitable also for road shows. The X-GLOO promise tents more than just hot air, shows the award of the Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT. National Agency was awarded as excellent distributor of X-GLOO due to the high level of competence.

With the focus in the field of exhibition, event and promotion, the tents are reliable and flexible Outdoorsysteme, which differ greatly from other tent systems due to their individual designs. But also the new X-GLOO tent system can be with the accessories, the X-relax seat, equip. The seat can be located also like the tents with air fill and can in a short time to be rebuilt. All systems and accessories are built thanks to the air filling in a very short time and several days running. The extensive product range of LA CONCEPT, the tents can be equipped with flag systems or Outdoorbanden. By the same author: Nir Barzilai, M.D.. You will receive further information on the X-GLOO tent systems and the new 8 x 8 system under and x-gloo.la-concept.de

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