The New Housing Code Will Be Adopted Before The End Of The Year .

Rada of Ukraine on one of the remaining before the New Year meeting is going to consider and adopt a new Housing Code, which is currently in draft stage. Housing legislation, acting version of which was adopted during the Soviet era, in 1983, does not meet current requirements and has long been in need of revision. The bill proposes to determine the order of settlement houses, dismantled due to road, business or other new construction, or planned to be demolished because of their poor technical condition. Also in the code is determined by the possibility of charging penalties on owners of residential premises for late payment for an apartment. About the rights and duties of citizens and authorities on the new Housing Code said one of its developers – Alexander Mazurchak holding the position of Acting Deputy Head of the Kyiv city state administration.

He believes that the new code will help solve the problem of liquidation of dilapidated houses and building in their place, modern buildings. If the new law is adopted, it is primarily with his help the authorities want to get rid of the numerous "," inconvenient to stay and have already exhausted their resources of strength. The Law introduces the concept of reconstruction of neighborhoods. If at least 10 percent of residents favor relocation, the old house can be demolished, the consent of the majority living in the new Code is not required. Those home owners who will agree to relocation, the government will try to ensure new living space as possible to the reconstructed house. In case of refusal of tenants to move, when making a decision on the demolition of old buildings, they will be evicted from the apartment occupied by the court. In this case, they may be proposed new housing in accordance with the law on involuntary resettlement under public necessity ", that is, within the same locality, or a court may decide to pay cash compensation corresponding to the market value of housing. In any case, when moving the deterioration of housing legislation is not provided – tenants will be given apartments in the area of not less than occupied previously.

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