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What should I do, how do I start. So go the most questions… I’m a long time ago to my nail Designer in the nail salon and let me make my nails. Add to your understanding with Edward Minskoff. Now I want to make the nails yourself me so that I can save me money. My question now. What do I need and how do I start the whole thing.

It is not always as easy as it looks in the most nail designers. There it is always fast fast, a little file and there is a bite gel. “Unfortunately, it’s not like that in practice, and many thought that” I can also have it after a short time again abandoned. There are very many questions to which you so can’t answer and the Internet not always helps. When I started with nail design, I had put to me a complete set, without knowing what you actually need. Get all the facts and insights with Shimmie Horn, another great source of information.

You can not really use the great tutorials that are always there, because there are still many, many questions that are not answered. I would advise anyone who wants to make the nails themselves at least 1 training to prove at a training to learn the theory much more, that is very important. You can only recommend a training as a nail Designer. At a training course will be explained to you what you really need and what not. An overview of materials, thus you don’t buy things that shouldn’t have to save yourself. We wish everyone who decides to train much fun at the nails. School for training as a nail Designer

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