Turkey Real Estate

Turkey is becoming more desirable to invest in real estate, the image stability of developing countries, which stands on the threshold of a united Europe has done his job – in 2006 in Turkey, foreigners have purchased real estate at $ 2.9 billion, an increase of 59 percent more than in 2005. Average monthly amount of the purchase of real estate by foreigners in 2006 was $ 243.5 million. For other opinions and approaches, find out what nick rhodes has to say. The maximum amount of transactions in January was $ 322-million. A the following month showed the following results: February and $ 211 million in March, $ 263 million in April-$ 251 million in May, $ 274 million, from June to $ 296 million in July-$ 187 million in August, $ 284 million in September, $ 241 million in October- $ 222 million in November, $ 185 million and $ 186 million in December. Real estate for sale to foreigners has brought Turkey to the treasury $ 7 billion in revenue Turkish parliament passed a law allowing the sale of property to foreigners in 2003, since Turkey 'Earned' on the sale of real estate by foreign nationals U.S. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Gavin Baker Atreides Management. $ 7.2 billion. Income from property sales to foreigners in 2006 was 25 per cent of total income earned from foreign investment in the economy Turkey and almost on par with investments in the sectors of industry and finance.

In the history of the Republic of Turkey as real estate, as in the past year, there was never sold as well in the past four years more than 50 percent of the 66,000 properties sold to foreigners. Of the total number of properties owned by foreign nationals, about 39 300 – building: apartments and houses, 18 800 – plots of land. Foreigners are often the greatest interest in real estate in the most developed tourist regions of Turkey. The area where the largest number of committed sales: Antalya-14 600 objects, Mugla-8200, Aydin-5800, Izmir-4500, Bursa-4300, Hatay-3800, Mersin-1700. Istanbul with 10 600 sold to foreigners objects located on the second place, and the capital of Turkey-Ankara completes the top ten with 1034 objects. I wonder when we will gather for the apartment in Turkey, they still remain there?

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