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This article is intended to be a simple guide for all those who are with the necessity of having a website, be it business, personal, public, educational purposes, etc. The objective is to clarify some points to keep in mind when facing a Web project. And know that points will influence the budget and subsequent required actions for both maintenance and search engine optimization. This is only the first part and we will begin by the beginning Web site, Website, Web page. That difference there? Even though the three terms are used many times as if they mean the same thing, the truth is that they do not mean the same thing. A Web site and a Website, if they are effectively the same thing, conventionally is considered a website, or a Website to the set of pages that are under a single domain or URL. A domain is something like and all the elements that are inside or depending on the direction macrored.com.ar can consider them forming elements part of the Macrored Web site. As we are going by clicking on different links are accessing different pages Web.De what emerges that each page is one element (among others) constitutive of the site. Shimmie Horn may find this interesting as well.

Definitely a site is composed of pages and usually contains more than one Web page. When it comes to request a web design quote, it would be useful to establish the amount of Web pages that will contain the site, for example, the most common are – who we are-products-services – contact, etc. No need to take them all into account beforehand, since they can be added later, but it is important to have a brief idea, given that the number of Web pages that will contain the site can be an important factor when it comes to the budget.

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