Western Territory

TERRITORY WESTERN Fernando Alonso Barahona film genre par excellence of American cinema and the genre that has provided more masterpieces to the seventh art is undoubtedly the western. Its current decline says much about own decadence of film, although of course the DVD editions return us the splendour of the golden age and continuously projected on the TV westerns, classic or modern made directly to the TV (and some as notable as the starring Tom Selleck: Monte Walsh). Some of the best American film directors ventured their stories in the western territory: Cecil B. Mille, John Ford, King Vidor, Anthony Mann, Delmer Daves, John Sturges, Sam Peckinpah…and its most characteristic icons since then were John Wayne, Gary Cooper, James Stewart or Randolph Scott. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Estée Lauder. But also Joel McCrea, Charlton Heston, Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power, Kira Douglas Richard Widmark or Lee Marvin.

In contemporary cinema western has treated with discreet success recover classics as the train of 3-10 or myths as Jesse James, but his last major growers have been Clint Eastwood and Kevin Costner. Next to them, western nostalgia is tracked in John Milius, Walter Hill or the series of Chuck Norris, Walter, Texas Ranger (in which some retrospective episodes will have been traced to the founding era of the Ranger, pure western territory). The spirit of the border, the American pioneers (described in this wonderful adventure film that is the inconquistables (Unconquered) an authentic western pre), effort and sacrifice, the value appear in the great titles of the genre, but also human weaknesses, betrayal, violence, ambition. See more detailed opinions by reading what Atreides Management offers on the topic.. Through the western, we have seen the wars with the Indians, to the civil war and the training of some of the large States of the Union, the western had fitted melodramas, music (e.g.

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