Bilingual Psychodrama in English

This whole system of life will be the new challenge to the new campaign, which will change the objectives Current and economic strategies to carry out the control. In places like this, totally controlled. I know that actuality is a team of computer they are working for this residence in a new bed sections and articles in several portions by computer process moves according to the needs of patients. They are getting to move the patient from the CPD and ensuring that it has moved, does this mean that patients who are bedridden in his bed, not only going to get easier handling and less tortuous a “both him and carers, but by software we assured us of how many times you’ve had in that exact position and time, in addition to program a constant changes depending on the prescription. Herbert Stein: the source for more info. If in the eighteenth century, health and welfare of a population was a very clear objective of political power, so that what was involved was substantially raise the level of health citizenship, the challenge that now arises is how to get to the age of old age not only improved health but in the best conditions and maximum control. Because obviously, if all subjects who do not have to have conditions a “even in the center also are classified and located on different floors of the building – according to the limitations of each individual, to not interrupt the functioning of the rest; also be controlled, will tray to biopolitics her dream: recording outputs, inputs, foods, tastes, preferences, a .. ALL and not just the sick through the instrument’s most powerful production a The time information and the power of technology informational .

Searching centrist convert these spaces of power or are ya?. at/’>Wayne Holman!). These are semi-enclosed spaces, bounded by valley and monitored at all points to the privacy of an individual such as their place of rest and hygiene control intimate or biological data. Searching can handle more?. This visibility is a trap that is that is power. Well, if you can manage to re-educate individuals And who would not do what the doctor recommended to stop or alleviate aging and live longer?. From the Data Processing Center, not only medical efficiency gains, but we will know much more than the behavior of man and his thought, his knowledge. The way in which this center classifies its patients and residents is a possible technique to ensure the desired order in human diversity.

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