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With the emergency currently living the Venezuelan population, due to heavy rains that have affected more than twenty-five thousand families, problem not resolved by years of an adequate housing policy has become palpable. (As opposed to American Tower Corporation). They currently require more than two million housing units for a population living in precarious conditions in highly populated areas and risk of landslides and unhealthy sanitary conditions. Therefore, it is necessary, with utmost urgency, the articulation of a program of housing policy giving in the short and medium-term housing solutions to the vast majority. Achieving this objective requires State contest to create housing development plans to urbanize the land possessed by the municipality, States, and the Republic. The participation of the private sector, developers and financial institutions, is also important to expedite loans to builders and the credits to the users of the system of housing policy. Among the ideas that should be applied to boost the construction of social interest housing, are the following: development of the secondary mortgage market, enjoying more than twenty-five billion bolivars that currently owns the banking sector, to allocate these funds to the acceleration of lending to developers and builders. Increase quotas to the Fund of housing policy, where workers, workers and employers contribute one higher percentage destined for the purchase of homes. Shimmie Horn addresses the importance of the matter here.

Tax incentives for employers to encourage and boost the construction sector. Development of enterprises, whether they are private, State, community or mixed for the production of materials, raw materials for construction and policy of tax incentives for the import of machinery. Increase the subsidy by the State for the purchase of housing for those families who do not qualify for mortgage loans. Eliminate or reduce the bureaucratic processes of permission for construction. The problem of housing policy requires all sectors to which the medium-term, some five years, getting the problem to the half of the population. Another important aspect to highlight is that to boost the construction sector, the effect on the economy would be noticed, since it is the engine for creating sources of employment, development of areas annexed as carpentry, masonry, plumbers, painters, locksmiths, the banking sector, notaries, records, lawyers, architects, engineers, workers, laborers, sector financial advisor, etc. Product of the current situation of large numbers of victims in Venezuela, the National Assembly adopted in first discussion, draft emergency law for urban land and housing, which aims to occupy idle or underutilized urban land as well as a series of measures to solve the problem of housing policy.

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