Bologna Process

A couple of months ago we made a critical and objective analysis on the implications of proceso Boloniaa a , which is immersed in the academic world, a process that theoretically seeks innovation, validation and adaptation of university curricula in Europe together, yet is conceived as a producer of valid individuals to enter the European labor market. In this regard any social application of knowledge will be driven by private companies and, therefore, presumably motivated by private interests (not public). Changing the real Mission and Vision of the University. The imposition of the alleged 'European method' will restrict the ability to act and impoverishes the imagination and, ultimately, the university extends ideas already tested in other levels of education and the results are plain to see who wants to see the essential part of the tradition of the university is the consolidation of spaces of freedom, contrast views, reflection and action, which should help resolve conflicts within the academic community, without exogenous interventions. Even if the resolution of these procedures is posed by outside academic bodies, there must be "flexibility, ductility and prudence university." Imposed reform is characterized by lack of public transparency, absence of dialogue, creating space for discussion where the governing bodies of universities and the students were able to present their views, arguments, proposals, problems, etc., Raising student at a broader malaise, mistrust and rejection by the students, who are opposed to its application dramatically in Spain, Italy, France or being visible the many demonstrations, strikes, sit-ins and protests against the Bologna Process, that the media are trying to minimized. .

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