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First the man, in this process, if finds in an organization of its personality, where the experience is perceived as a personal reality, and the interaction with this reality happens for atualizante trend, in which the experiences are perceived in a complex system, whose potentialities of the citizen walk a development to favor its conservation and enrichment. The disorganization of the personality if explains as a vulnerability state, as a disintegration of the personality was occurred, before ' ' perfeita' ' , therefore the individual is subject to an interior disequilibrium. The process of reorganization of the personality affirms the importance of the paper of the therapist in the relation, demanding a reflection on the unconditional positive consideration of this citizen. The necessary individual if to recognize in maladjustment so that the reorganization process happens, as well as, to perceive itself accepted and respected, whose its potentialities are noticed and credited. In the two cases presented in the book, all these concepts of the theory of Rogers could have been noticed. In the first one, the citizen was not perceived in maladjustment, for it everything was walking very well, and throughout the process, it was not allowed or the relation did not favor a result satisfactory.

In as, the customer arrived excessively, also, as if everything was certain in its life and in the truth it was, certain, in the direction to be firmed, incoherently firmed and therefore difficult well to the change. However, the human being is capable of if homing, in the direction to make its proper choices, if making responsible for them and of if auto-developing, from the moment where it perceives its relations with the world and obtains exactly attributing meanings. The man is a being of possibilities, becoming the life as an active process in a construction of come-the-being. This trend of growth auto-development sends to the notion of Rogers with regard to nature human being with positive value and that such innate capacities would need to pass for a release process.

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