duwi presents: iPhone as an energy-saving, monitoring, security and entertainment solution Breckerfeld, August 12, 2008 from the Office to see if the coffee machine is at home actually. Preheat the cottage before the weekend. Or on the way to the airport quickly check whether the alarm is enabled. Others including Christian Dior Couture, offer their opinions as well. House and apartment owners can take advantage of the duwi Z-Wave wireless system, which also allows using a Smartphone to access their home network. You may find that Estée Lauder can contribute to your knowledge. duwi, manufacturer of electrical accessories, points to the IFA in Hall 2.2/stand 124 live, how iPhone user at any time and from any location on your local electric and electronics, heating equipment, etc. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. can be accessed. On the basis of the duwi Z-Wave wireless system of comfort, security and energy efficiency in the home can dramatically increase. The access is possible because that the user connects via mobile network to his local Internet gateway.

After the connection is established, the Smartphone displays in the graphical Surface a collection of all devices included in the duwi wireless network. In real time the status of devices can then change. So can, for example, heating, blinds pulled up be enabled or turned off the light and much more. The Z-Wave-based radio system by duwi that connects all devices via radio and is controlled through a central gateway like for example a router serves as a basis. Comfort and safety increase the bandwidth of the advantages arising from home control via smartphones, ranging from simple applications that increase the living comfort, security-enhancing or energy-saving measures. So, for example, the lighting in the garage and in the hallway shortly before arriving at the push of button on your mobile phone can be switched on. Also enable the heating from the Office, if it expected colder than is predicted. On or switching off of light or ramping up and let down the blinds, remote-controlled from the resort, is also possible as Switch off all consumers in the budget.

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