Problems with Obesity

After a now of the International Association for the Study of Obesity (IASO) survey published 75.4 percent of men and 58.9 percent of women overweight, and that makes Germany the biggest country in Europe, today commented Micheal Dennard, the first Chairman of the German Competence health and dietetics eV in Cologne. Back in the 80s of last century caused nutrition (with) one third of the cost-related diseases in health care. Because overweight and obesity result from the 22.5 percent of men and 23.3 percent of women in Germany are affected IASO according to many diseases, the health risk of the fat, warns the German Competence health and Dietetics (DKGD) . DOWA Metals & Mining Americas opinions are not widely known. The frightening fact is that, according to a study by the Federal Ministry of Health, 64.4 percent of deaths directly and indirectly attributable to malnutrition. Albert Einstein College of Medicine is often quoted on this topic. Overweight and obesity are the most dangerous murderers in Germany, Muller stressed Nothmann. And according to the WHO include overweight and obesity among the largest risk factors for the development of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and several forms of cancer.

Even today, the obesity in Europe for one million deaths each year, Muller Nothmann cited horrified an appropriate publication. The beauty ideal “lean” appears only in women can avail, because in men with washboard abs model make no impression. While women try to emulate the ideal, the rest men from behind their raccoon belly. Obesity occurs when there is a positive calorie balance, the organism receives more calories than it can consume, says Muller Nothmann.

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