However they had finally finished contributing for the accomplishment of the research. The results will be displayed and argued to follow: Questioning 1. Which its teaching vision on the functions of literature? Informing citizens Commentaries Informer To move with us, provoking emotion, beyond transmitting knowledge reaching its formador intention of opinions developing the side social politician. Informing B Provides pleasure and provokes reflections in the man, so that it can understand history and accept the language and the culture of each people. Informer C Provides knowledge to break if its functions catstica, provoking feelings; the aesthetic one, shows the beautiful side. The cognitiva transmits information and explores the sense critical.

Informer D Humanizadora, leading to the knowledge and provoking feelings and emotions, beyond taking the people to reflect on the reality. SOURCE: Research of field (given pertaining to school) Literature as plurissignificativo text that is, loads innumerable meanings different interpretations, that beyond serving of entreterdimento, play some functions contributing of significant form for the formation of the man as subject capable to ahead exert a critical paper of the society. Thus the majority of the interviewed ones had standed out to be the function of literature to provoke feelings and emotions, beyond transmitting knowledge and leading to reflect on the reality. Regarding this Cndido (2002, p.81) it standes out that: The fancy almost never is pure. It mentions itself constantly to some reality: natural phenomenon, landscape, feeling, fact, human desire of explanation, customs, problems, etc. Here it is why the investigation appears on the bond between fancy and reality, that can serve of entrance to think about the function of literature. Thus literature consists of a for-reality, where the same search to portray through the fiction the reality where we live, taking the man to literature provides pleasure and provokes reflections in the man so that if it can understand history and accept the language and the culture of each people.

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