The Education

One another similar justification if relates the phase where educating if finds infancy and the adolescence: The rebelled adolescents are in general way and questionadores, do not advance to want to fight against this. The children are self-centered, therefore they present as much difficulty in understanding the rules and necessities of the group. Child is indisciplinada and disobedient by its very nature necessary to be domada. (I water apud rabbit 2006, p.14). These two justifications, however, do not take in account the experiences carried through for the individual and deny the education intention consequentemente and the work that the school, and the family if consider, that it is to educate. Each day the indiscipline if becomes more frequent.

In days current it becomes problem inherent school and home, and process of teach-learning if degrades to measure that solutions are not taken to fight the indiscipline, that is not alone problem for the school, professors and parents, but also disturb the proper pupil. The inadequate behavior in the pertaining to school environment results in personal problems that will follow it for all the life. Such problems if exactly deal with inadequate behavior in the conditional adult life for the indiscipline in the initial phases of the life. Each social segment has its paper, but so that disciplines he has it is necessary a payment in full between pupils, professors, schools and family, and I both am coherent with the education intention and have its responsibilities how much to the education. The accompaniment of the parents in the escolarizao of the children is indispensable, therefore of the intermeshing of the parents with the professors he results better mechanisms for the development of the pupil and its respective one disciplines. Taking in consideration the particularitities in the familiar and pertaining to school environment, a source sufficiently spread out how much to the paper of the parents in the education of the children it is the establishment of limits that is closely on to disciplines.

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