Corruption, An Old Disease In The 21st Century

Etymologically, the word corruption comes from the Latin, meaning alter, destroy, deprave, corrupt. Aristotle spoke of it as a degeneration of the three ideal forms of state: the monarchy, the aristocracy and the republic. In 1931 he coined a definition used until today, which views corruption as the abuse of the public in pursuit of private profit. What is corruption? Where does it work? And how can it affect us? They will try to answer questions throughout this article. Begin by responding according to the dictionary, defines corruption as follows: A Bribery or corruption, perversion or defect, alteration of form or structure of something. The Royal Academy: f.

Action and effect. Alteration or defect in a book. 3. f. Vice or abuse made to non-material things. Corruption of morals, of voices.

This can be: a) corruption in customs. Offense of promoting or encouraging prostitution of minors and disabled persons, their use in pornographic activities or participation in sexual acts that may impair the development of his personality b) Corruption among government officials. In organizations, especially in the public practice of the use of those functions and resources of the benefit, economic or otherwise, of its operators. c) Corruption of organic matter. Decomposing organic matter corrode or rot is usually a set of attitudes and activities through which a person violates commitments made with others, using the privileges granted, these agreements made with the aim of obtaining a benefit unrelated to either common. Corruption is the action or inaction of one or more real than a means of manipulating the system to their benefit and / or others, misrepresent the purposes of, to the detriment of all citizens, by and through which the system was designed to serve and benefit. Where acts? The field of development of corruption is very varied ranging from political, religious, educational. But I dare say that cuts across all lines of society, that without sinning clear that this does not mean that everything is corrupt, but if everything can be tempting. Theologically speaking corruption attacks the heart of man. How does it affect us? a) affects the moral principles and norms are deeply disturbed affecting public and private morality. b) the economic affects Corruption violation of both civil rights and against economic, social and cultural c) affects the spiritual The foolishness of man perverts his way, and his heart is angry with the Lord. Proverbs 19:3 says: The holy scripture that the father of all deception. Thus corruption is a deceptive state of man, corrupted by greed and the desire to possess what is rightfully yours is not appropriating immoral, contrary to established principles. This disease of the past to become notoriety in the media by political scandals and misuse of funds for other purposes actually nothing new, only now it comes to public light and meets the sacred writing that nothing can be hidden all will be revealed Relationship with God is deeply affected and disrupted. Thou shalt not steal … What should you do? Educate, but it is known that education is undergoing a major crisis then what? Teach the ignorant, how? Through the family that plays a tremendously important. It is in the family that people learn morality, respect, and no doubt that religious institutions contribute greatly to the construction of the person, but Beware! Corruption can pollute.

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