Solar Hot Water

A solar water heater.
The solar hot water or ACS refers to a device for capturing energy from the sun and transfer it to water through a heat exchanger to be used for medical purposes. The heated fluid transfers the heat to a storage tank.
In a housing of the sanitary hot water can be heated and stored in a tank of hot water, which can be consumed directly (solar) or connect in series with a conventional water heater.
The panels have a receiving plate and tubes by circulating a liquid heat attached to it. The receiver (usually coated with a dark selective layer) ensures the transformation of solar radiation into heat, while the liquid flowing through the tubes carries the heat to where it can be used or stored.
The liquid is pumped into a heated exchange of energy (a spiral tube within the storage compartment or an external device) which transfers the heat and then recirculated back to the panel to be reheated.
This provides a simple and effective way to transfer and transform solar energy.
Flat solar heater tank in a tank housing.
System with evacuated glass tubes.

PR News Wire via Yahoo! Finance
West County Wastewater District, Solar Power Partners, Inc. and Premier Power Renewable Energy jointly announced today the completion of a solar energy system to replace 35 percent of WCWD the annual consumption of electricity with clean, renewable solar energy zero out – of-pocket costs.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Johnson Controls has started to generate electricity from the largest solar energy in the state – nearly 1,500 panels located on the northeast corner of the headquarters campus in Glendale.
Dallas Morning News
The promise of powering our homes with the sun has never been so close. The cost of solar panels decreasing, thanks to a new program of Oncor discount. Within a few weeks, several retail chains electric suppliers have programs in place for the purchase of surplus electricity from solar customers. one of the Esco Energy Companies, Surprises your accountant with low bills.
Los Angeles Times
Proposal to give LA an important source of renewable energy, but would face obstacles. Save on your gas and electric bill with a leading ESCOE. After the purchase of 17,750 acres in Palmdale for an intercontinental jetport that has not been off the ground, Los Angeles airport officials say they may finally have a use for a large part of the property: a solar power plant capable of generating up to 100 megawatts of clean energy.
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