Debate On Education In Germany

Each year better opportunities and integration in schools Europe’s largest education fair, Didacta is devoted to current topics in the field of education and learning. In the foreground of the talks this year were, inter alia, the special needs of migrant children. The current debate, the news portal reported In a so-called society, where every fifth student has foreign roots, it is all the more important for the schools to adapt to their needs. For this reason, crowded classrooms and curricula too tight were discussed at the education fair that individual care of children who need special support, make it almost impossible. The integration difficulties of people with a migrant background in Germany are controversial, particularly in relation to the educational situation of children. The Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan recently called for integration instead of assimilation was even more explosive in an already heated debate.

Lack of integration is the result of lack of education for immigrant children, as well as outstanding student achievement according to education experts. Especially language deficits are the reason that migrant children leave the school scored early and often without graduating. Although their language and literacy 2001 has improved since the PISA study, the problems in the field of education have not been resolved. It is clear that the problem of education is a general problem. The teacher must assume multiple roles in principle. He is a role model, the motivator and in some cases represent the replacement of parents. Proposals such as all-day schools and a kindergarten duty to remedy. Nevertheless, promising such measures only then, if the parents are involved.

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